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At Finques SASI we are a team of people at your service, who understand your concerns when selling, buying or renting a property. In our team we all know what it means to sell and buy our own home so we understand perfectly what you are excited about anguish, worry, etc.

In Finques SASI we not only sell real estate, we help our clients to improve their quality of life, helping them to find that new house with more rooms for the new member of the family, to improve the location of their home to avoid travel to school by car, to find that first rental apartment to start a new life with the couple ...

In Finques SASI we are a team oriented to study and offer the best solutions to each client.

Our company is dedicated to real estate brokerage in all its forms since 1996.

We are Real Estate Agents API and AICAT with presence in Barcelona, ​​Igualada and Alicante.

Finques SASI, offers you:
- Management of Purchase and Sale.
- Rental Management
- Heritage Management
- Integral Reforms and their coordination.
- Legal and Legal Advice.
- Technical and Documentary Advice.

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